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  • 24 January 1917 Edmund Blunden writes ‘Heavy shelling of billets all day. Working Parties supplied to RE and...

  • 24 January 1917 Robert Vernede writes ‘I slip in and out of my valise for meals! It’s much warmer in it than...

  • 24 January 1915 Julian Grenfell is on leave ‘Got to Hazebrouck 7.30 pm and had dinner. Went on by the 8.45 train...

W.D. Ehrhart says

Scholars and politicians, journalists and generals may argue, write and re-write ‘the facts.’  But when a poem is written, it becomes a singular entity with an inextinguishable and unalterable life of its own.  It is a true reflection of the feelings and perceptions it records, and as such, it is as valuable a document as  Continue Reading »

Forty years on

There is a distinguished body of writings by American veterans detailing the boredom and horror of combat as well as post-war traumas within a country that shunned the returning veterans. Some veterans returned to Vietnam and have written prose and poetry detailing their experiences. […] A growing body of translated works by Vietnamese now joins  Continue Reading »

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