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The Battle of the Somme 100th Anniversary

July 2016 marks the anniversary of the Battle of the Somme and events and exhibitions are taking place across the world. Imperial War Museums (IWM) and members of the First World War Centenary Partnership are working together to show the UNESCO listed film The Battle of the Somme, to audiences across the world.  Shot and  Continue Reading »


What is important about First World War poetry?

In this video Jon Stallworthy looks at what was significant about the First World War in marking such a major shift  in war poetry. From Julian Grenfell to Wilfred Owen, he maps the change in attitudes to the horrors they witnessed.

Jon Stallworthy

Contributions from anyone with an interest in the war poets are welcome.

Some words and poets are well-known, others not so well-known. Have a look around the site and if you have resources you would like to share please upload them via the Resources page.

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