Close Reading and Analysis

Attitudes Towards Death – ‘The Soldier’ by Rupert Brooke and ‘The Next War’ by Wilfred Owen

Song and Pain: Ivor Gurney and George Herbert

Thomas Hardy: In Time of ‘The Breaking of Nations’

Wyndham Lewis: Blasting and Bombardiering

Edward Thomas:   The Child on the Cliffs  / ‘But these things also’  / The Path  / Thomas and Poetic LanguageThomas and Melancholy / Edward Thomas: War Poet? / Edward Thomas and the Duke of Marlborough

Jon Stallworthy on Sassoon’s ‘The Redeemer’ and ‘Christ and the Soldier’

Comparative Criticism: Wilfred Owen and Henri Barbusse

Comparative Criticism: Isaac Rosenberg and Keith Douglas [pdf 188kb 8 pages]

Examples of Students’ Work

Limehurst Academy: Inspired by Jessie Pope

Teaching Resources

Historic Newspapers Important news from the First World War as reported at the time. Free pack available to schools, universities, libraries and accredited education establishments. [external link opens in a new window]

Made From History: World War I – a great collection of information and resources [external link opens in a new window]

The World Remembers – list of names of all war dead plus information about each country’s involvement in the War


Suitable for Key Stage 3 students – ages 11-14


Artistry and authenticity in the war sonnets of John Allan Wyeth  An exploration of Wyeth’s fidelity to historical fact [external link opens in a new window]

‘But nothing happens’ Ford Madox Ford, Wilfred Owen and the Front Line by Ian Brinton

D.H. Lawrence and War by Ian Brinton

D.H. Lawrence and WW1 by Ian Brinton

The Profits of War by Ian Brinton

Georgian Poetry by Ian Brinton

Graves in Holland by Ian Brinton

Henry Newbolt and cricket by Ian Brinton

Haileybury’s Poetry of the First World War Poster Competition

Mud and Trenches: Ford Madox Ford and Wilfred Owen by Ian Brinton

The Send Off: Owen and Remarque by Ian Brinton

Strange Meeting: Owen and Remarque by Ian Brinton

Trapped in a Landscape – Creative Writing by Ian Brinton

War and Honour by Ian Brinton

When this lousy war is over by Ian Brinton

Wilfred Owen and Ford Madox Ford

World War I and Religion (Owen’s The Parable of the Old Man and the Young and Hasek’s The Gold Soldier Svejk) by Ian Brinton

Downloadable Resources