Close Reading and Analysis

Ivor Gurney: Song and Pain

Bookmarks from the English Association website

Edward Thomas: War Poet, by Ian Brinton

Journey’s End, by Martin Blocksidge

The Flax of Dream by Henry Williamson, by Ian Brinton

Ivor Gurney, by Ian Brinton

Siegfried Sassoon, by Ian Brinton

Isaac Rosenberg, by Ian Brinton

The Americans: e.e. cummings and Ernest Hemingway, by Ian Brinton

Women Poets of World War 1, by Brian Clayton

Wilfred Owen, by Peter Cash

Other Resources

Haileybury Poetry of the First World War Sixth Form Conference Pupil Contributors’ Poster Competition

Never Such Innocence – art and poetry competition resource pack

Background Information

Food parcels for prisoners of war contributed by Joyce Holden

 Suffrage in wartime contributed by Joyce Holden

Why the Poppy? contributed by Joyce Holden

The World Remembers website – select Countries from the drop-down menu on this site for information on each country and WW1