After working as a volunteer in the railhead canteen in Rouen, which provided food and coffee to troops coming to France and going by train to the Front, for some weeks in the spring of 1915, May Wedderburn Cannan published several volumes of poems including In War Time, published in 1917. Her fiance, Bevil Quiller-Couch, survived the bloody battles of Mons and Ypres only to succumb to flu, dying as the war closed: May’s volume of poetry The Splendid Days, published in 1919, was dedicated to him.

May Wedderburn Cannan’s Poems:

In War Time contains the majority of May Wedderburn Cannan’s poems and can be viewed at the University of California’s California Digital Library

The poems in her second book, The Splendid Days, can be viewed here

May Wedderburn Cannan’s Website