Julian Grenfell was a British soldier and poet of the First World War. Grenfell was educated at Eton and Balliol College, Oxford. He joined the army in 1910 and served in India and South Africa. When the First World War broke out he was posted to Flanders and immediately saw service during the First Battle of Ypres; he was awarded a Distinguished Service Order in 1914. He was wounded on 13 May 1915 and died of his wounds 13 days later with his parents and sister at his bedside.

His most famous poem ‘Into Battle’ was published in The Times on 27 May 1915 along with news of his death.

In a letter written in October 1914 he wrote

I adore war. It is like a big picnic but without the objectivelessness of a picnic. I have never been more well or more happy.

Julian Grenfell’s Poems