Frederick William Harvey was an English poet and solicitor whose poetry became popular during and after the First World War. He was a friend of Ivor Gurney and the composer Herbert Howells. Harvey joined the 5th battalion of the Gloucestershire Regiment on 8 August 1914, four days after the United Kingdom declared war on Germany. He was promoted to lance corporal and awarded the Distinguished Conduct Medal in August 1915. After being commissioned as an officer he was captured on 17 August 1916 and spent the remainder of the war in prisoner-of-war camps. Harvey’s first volume of poems, A Gloucestershire Lad, was published in 1916, shortly after his capture. He wrote more poetry while imprisoned and his poems were sent back to England for publication, his second collection Gloucestershire Friends appearing in 1917. Possibly his most celebrated poem is ‘Ducks’, published in his third collection of poetry in 1919.

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