Michael Casey was born in 1947 in Lowell, Massachusetts. After graduating from Lowell Technological Institute in 1968, Casey was drafted into the US Army and served as a military policeman in Missouri and Vietnam’s Quang Ngai province.

His first collection of poetry, Obscenities, was published in 1972 and chosen for the Yale Younger Poets Award. The poems were largely inspired by his time in Vietnam. His stay at Fort Leonardwood, Missouri, provided the setting for a later book, The Million Dollar Hole, in 2001.

Casey exhibits three distinctive assets throughout his work:  an abundance of impression mixed with a frugality of expression, an uncanny ability to recreate atmosphere through the faithful reproduction of speech, and a willingness to avoid taking himself in his role as an observer too seriously. The Harvard Crimson, August 1972.http://www.thecrimson.com/article/1972/8/15/obscenities-pbebven-the-movies-say-war/

After military service Casey started a Masters in physics at SUNY Buffalo, but with the publication of Obscenities changed course and pursued creative writing.

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