About us

It is right that war poets should be commemorated and acknowledged for their contribution to literature, but we also want to focus on their work at a time of major social, economic and political watersheds. The aim of the English Association, which has created this website, is to draw attention to the talents of the poets, the diversity of their poetry, and, whether we are aware of it or not. The poets wrote about what they saw and what they experienced and this is an aspect of war that is both fascinating and controversial: it has divided the opinions of scholars, historians and politicians. The aim of this site is to bring those words back to life so that you can decide for yourselves.

Our aims

This website provides a legacy for everyone with a love of literature or who wants to explore more about the war. We want to encourage involvement from organisations and groups such as museums, archives, libraries, universities, colleges and schools. Our aim is to involve the many special-interest poetry associations and groups that exist here in the UK and overseas as well. Anyone can submit comments, poems, readings and relevant photographs to the site. There are links to social media and other projects, as well as links to other sites and organisations marking the centenary in their own way. You can contribute to our message board and even submit readings or video clips of your own here. We’d love to hear from you but please note that all contributions will be vetted.